Art Based Research


This painting is my latest and was a culmination of art based research in my thesis for my MAAT (masters of art therapy degree).   It started as an abstract.  I followed the colors and layers to music until a wave started to appear. The wave seemed to represent emotions that came and went with all of the hard work.  I was learning how to merge my working artist, teaching artist and art therapist identity with a sense of place.

The anhinga with its bird wings drying can only fly when wings are fully dry. And through my art therapy internship I was not able to fly as an art therapist until my schooling was complete.  The Sabal Palm represents the sense of place and home in Central Florida. The tree is grounded in the earth and sways and is flexible to the weather.  As an art therapist I must remain flexible with my clients so that I am compassionate and they learn how to heal themselves through creative expression.

The orb like symbol in the sky came out of an abstract eye that appeared in the earlier version of the work and I kept it as a center and third eye.  Their are many other details to this painting story but for now just wanted to share some of them.

For more information on self exploratory and intuitive painting, I only have a few spots available at my January 31st workshop at the Hub in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.   Here is the information on that.  Cut and paste below information into your browser if you can’t click it to open

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