Intuitive Painting in Layers workshop number 2 on April 25th



Intuitive painting is a process that helps anyone who wants to explore painting without worrying about prior experience or talent.

We begin with mindful deep breathing, creative visualization and stretching and setting our intention.

From there we work on two canvases at a time. While the first explorative mark making layer is drying we work on a second canvas doing the same.

The second and third layers will cover some of the first while revealing any interesting colors, splashes or marks of your choosing. In this way you work like an abstract artist just following the flow of the paint and your marks.

At one point you may see imagery spontaneously appear and so you can decide if you want to follow it and add more. Or you may want to collage in a picture or use stamps if you feel you can not draw.  The sky is the limit and while we are working we do not comment on each other’s work so that the safe space is therapeutic and we are free to express ourselves without critique as if we were in our own home studios working alone.

At the close of our workshop we reflect on our own work and share it if we feel we want to.  Again we refrain from critique so that this workshop connects artistic self expression to wellness.

Feel free to message me, Laura Bohn with any inquiries.


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