Dance of the Passion Flower

The passion flower is a flower that grows on a vine and in Florida we have a native plant version.

It grows all over our back fence since it was given to us by a friend and I always thought how it looked like a dancer.  So, here is my flower dancer!

I have worked on this painting on and off for over a year. I put it away for awhile because I painted every detail of the flower and it looked stagnant. So then I painted over the petals leaving out details, blurring them and really moving them!

Last month, a woman wrote me an email asking if I sold the painting! Having recently finished, I told her no. She said she had been googling to find a painting of a passionflower that looks like a dancer since that is how she remembered it from her childhood!

It is so wonderful to have sold this painting to somebody who had such heartfelt feelings about the flower and saw it in the same way as I did.  The internet connected us so serendipity can still happen on the web!


Visual Music

Over the years I have been inspired to attempt to paint the energy of music.  If you too want to paint music, make sure you have music on that makes you move and work standing, moving, swaying, back and forth away from the canvas to ensure different perspectives. Get into the flow and enjoy!

Music is the Muse is my latest guitar inspiration. (sold)Muse

I am noticing the changes and evolution in my work from my previous two guitar paintings.

This was my second guitar painting (sold) titled Guitar Energy II


My first guitar painting titled Guitar Energy (sold)


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Painting Movement, Music and Dance


Music and dance have been muses to me as long as I can remember.  Part of the joy of painting is moving the brush in rhythm to the music.  Moving back and forth away from the canvas and feeling the flow of where the painting is going. Having taken bellydance classes and even taught a few, the movement of the body to rhythm, can help connect the mind to that primal place of healing and connection.

Here I challenged myself to paint in black and white as I usually get off on so much color! Working in black and white allows an artist to work in pure values and tones.  This also has become a mixed media painting as I have added some papers, including music sheet bits and patterns from Morocco.

Big Sur Memories and Two Ways of Painting



Ok, I know I have recently written about painting as play, experiment, abstract and following the paint till an idea emerges.

That is the most freeing way of painting.  But, also to stay sharp as an artist I also paint from life and photos.  If I have no muse, no motivation, then I will simply play with paint in layers and see what sort of mark making can lead to abstract work.  Some of my favorite paintings happen this way.

But, I also challenge myself with landscape and figure painting.  As an artist I have to challenge myself to create a good product while loving the process.

As an art therapist MAAT, I work on fun and experimental paintings constantly to free me up and take the edge off.

The work below is one of playing in paint in layers of abstraction.

For this work, I played with oranges, browns, reds and white and just enjoyed big brush strokes. Then a layer of cool colors over most of it and letting a little of the first layer peak through.

I repeated this layer building while adding mark making, with stamping caps, lids and scraping textures.  Just playing.  Finally, I outlined big leaves just for fun. Then continued to paint more layers around the leaves but not in the leaves.  Exposing multiple layers in the final.

Two ways to work here and hope this inspires anyone needing motivation.

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