Enter the Dragonfly

Well, obviously I haven’t completely exhausted interpretation of brush stroke movements as related to the dragonfly.  I think this is my third painting that started out as abstract in motion, movement and color and then again, there seemed to be a place for the dragonfly in the work.

The dragonfly is capable of moving in any direction during flight.  As an artist viewing the world or as a helping art therapist I am practicing the art of moving my perspective to understand those around me and adapt for helping purposes. Compassion is key to understanding different perspectives. http://www.lauraknapikbohn.com/abstract-expression.htmlectives.


Happy Landing

IMG_4851This painting started as an abstract.  the colors and brushstrokes were all a fun way to loosen up and enjoy painting.  No subject matter was chosen at the beginning.

After a few days I thought the colors reminded me of Lake Woodruff wildlife preserve in Florida.  Then I thought the brushstrokes looked like a Great Blue Heron landing so painted in the heron.

The Great Blue Heron is found in many of the natural waterways in Florida.  This long legged bird is a wading bird and aggressive hunter.