New Painting


Here is my latest painting created for a show last week at De La Vegas Restaurant Y Galeria in De Land, Florida.

Whenever I paint a guitar, the composition, colors and mood are created by the music that is playing during that time and the history of the music in my memory.

I find that music without lyrics is the easiest to listen to and change genres all the time from world music, rock, to funk, so grateful for the musical vibes.

If any of you paint to music, comment on this post about what type of music you listen too.

Lately I have been enjoying Mulatu Astatke and his New York Ethiopian jazz from the sixties.

Her is the work featured for sale directly at Etsy.

End of Summer Painting Sale


Well, it is that time of the year.  As much as I would love to hold true to what I feel my paintings are worth, I have to have a painting sale.  I have friends tell me some of my paintings are underpriced but then when I price them accordingly, a lot of people can’t afford them.

So having sales is the answer to that issue.  Sales on paintings and negotiation with customers is one way to keep the cash flow going.  Merchants, musicians, and artists all need to have sales.

Furthermore, I am thrilled when people are so grateful for me having a sale!  It is all worth it.

Well, this is the painting I featured here for my sale and this is the first painting sold for the sale.

Here is the painting titled  “Far Away and Dreaming”  in its new home in Texas.  Gratitude for the client’s funding, enjoyment and home for painting.


Here is the link to my Etsy sale.  Please check on past reviews also.


thank you

Laura Bohn