Painting Movement, Music and Dance

This painting found a nice home last week so I thought I would repost this.


With the onset of the north wind finally dipping its fingers into Florida’s damp wetness,

dancing comes to mind.

Dancing of the spirit,

the tribe, passion,

and the feeling of freedom.


Laura K. Bohn


Music and dance have been muses to me as long as I can remember.  Part of the joy of painting is moving the brush in rhythm to the music.  Moving back and forth away from the canvas and feeling the flow of where the painting is going. Having taken bellydance classes and even taught a few, the movement of the body to rhythm, can help connect the mind to that primal place of healing and connection.

Here I challenged myself to paint in black and white as I usually get off on so much color! Working in black and white allows an artist to work in pure values and tones.  This also has become a mixed media painting as I have added some papers, including music sheet bits and patterns from Morocco.

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Florida Springs

Swimming in the springs in Florida can be a beautiful or terrifying experience.  People have died who have swam to deep in a cave, drowned for different reasons and there have been alligators who killed swimmers.

The springs, like the oceans have wild animals and it is a risk we take to go into their home.  Millions of people swim every day in springs and oceans and the numbers of deaths from animal attacks is still low compared to accidental drownings.  It is sad, no matter how a person dies in the water.

Today I have heard about the first case (that I am aware of) of a death of a diver caused by an alligator in Blue Springs where I swim frequently.  He swam there for 20 years!  Just horrible. Not sure why all of a sudden an alligator (cold blooded) would leave the necessary warm waters of the river and venture to the cool springs but it happened. So sad. Prayers to the victim’s family.

Anyway, here is a painting I just finished of another beautiful springs in Florida called Alexander Springs.

Alexander Springs
Alexander Springs

Paintings a Year Apart Subconsciously Revisited

Recently I noticed that my newest painting “Blood Red Moon” (left) is very similar to my painting “Trust the Process” (right) titled that has been away for a year exhibiting at the University of Central Florida.  I have painted many paintings since “Trust The Process” and none of them were similar to the afore mentioned.  Then this October all of a sudden an abstract comes out with similar brush strokes as the first one which was nowhere in sight.  I discovered the similarity while posting these paintings on Instagram.  Also, I should mention that I try to be adventurous and not repeat myself too much so I was surprised to discover the similarities of two paintings created a year apart and the original being out of sight.                                                                                                                 Any artists out there create the same movements or gestures in more than one painting?  I guess, these two paintings came into fruition when my intuition was attuned to a certain mood.

Blood Moon and the Missed Eclipse

Not having an idea of what to paint can be a problem unless I just let go and paint abstractly and see what arises. Reflecting on today’s progress I noticed the image that arose reminds me of the blood red moon from the eclipse this month.
I missed the moon due to cloud coverage but through active imagination I revisited it.12122662_925394344163551_801716206101902197_n

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