Florida Springs

Swimming in the springs in Florida can be a beautiful or terrifying experience.  People have died who have swam to deep in a cave, drowned for different reasons and there have been alligators who killed swimmers.

The springs, like the oceans have wild animals and it is a risk we take to go into their home.  Millions of people swim every day in springs and oceans and the numbers of deaths from animal attacks is still low compared to accidental drownings.  It is sad, no matter how a person dies in the water.

Today I have heard about the first case (that I am aware of) of a death of a diver caused by an alligator in Blue Springs where I swim frequently.  He swam there for 20 years!  Just horrible. Not sure why all of a sudden an alligator (cold blooded) would leave the necessary warm waters of the river and venture to the cool springs but it happened. So sad. Prayers to the victim’s family.

Anyway, here is a painting I just finished of another beautiful springs in Florida called Alexander Springs.  http://www.lauraknapikbohn.com

Alexander Springs
Alexander Springs