Paintings a Year Apart Subconsciously Revisited

Recently I noticed that my newest painting “Blood Red Moon” (left) is very similar to my painting “Trust the Process” (right) titled that has been away for a year exhibiting at the University of Central Florida.  I have painted many paintings since “Trust The Process” and none of them were similar to the afore mentioned.  Then this October all of a sudden an abstract comes out with similar brush strokes as the first one which was nowhere in sight.  I discovered the similarity while posting these paintings on Instagram.  Also, I should mention that I try to be adventurous and not repeat myself too much so I was surprised to discover the similarities of two paintings created a year apart and the original being out of sight.                                                                                                                 Any artists out there create the same movements or gestures in more than one painting?  I guess, these two paintings came into fruition when my intuition was attuned to a certain mood.