Ocean on The Brain

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Hi friends,

My latest painting series features my love for the ocean, living near it in Central Florida,

and being concerned over the health of our oceans.

Also, I wanted to return to painting with a trowel and palette knife. It was quite freeing not working with a paintbrush and learning how to give up control of some of the mark making.

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Big Sur

A few years I traveled with my husband to Big Sur for the first time.  The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most beautiful traveling highways I have ever been on.  I took a photo while I was there and here is the result being this painting of Big Sur.

I don’t know exactly where the road has been washed out in the huge landslide but now that the part of the highway is buried under tons of rocks the landscape has changed and man has to figure out how to change with it.

Anyway, I have enjoyed having this painting with me and I want to share this painting so it is available on Etsy so check it out.  Payment plans available so send me a message with any inquiry at all.

Enjoy!   Click here on LaurasPaintbrush for more information.


Transforming the Collage

As an artist/art therapist creating art as wellness workshops, I research art therapy directives with a basis in mindfulness based art therapy. For this directive, I was to transform a portrait that was either a part of the self, archetype, loved one, or simply a character that relates to meaning in my own life.  I of course, worked on my own before I facilitated the workshop for others.

I started with deep breathing and relaxation, I have learned to relax and focus while choosing images to work with as we do in the workshops.  When I found this image of a girl in National Geographic, she was supposedly a generated representation of a future young lady of mixed ethnic heritage as the norm in America.  I thought she was stunningly beautiful and it reminded me of the beauty that comes out of two people loving each other from different backgrounds. It also reminded me of all the prejudices some of my friends went through when they were involved in relationships that were not accepted by others and they resulted in beautiful children who were trying to find their place in the world. And so I just wanted to transform those prejudices into something beautiful into acceptance and love.

While working, on this piece, I let it evolve naturally. I used paint, printed images, and words to transform this piece.  I started painting on the image for fun and the results were simply from playing with paint.

The words in the finished work are from Maya Angelou who eloquently states…

“I can be change by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it”

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Leaf Love





Hello Readers,

My name is Laura Knapik Bohn and I have been a working artist for many years.

I also teach art and in 2014 received a masters degree in art therapy.

To make it as an artist, I have found I need to not only sell artworks but share art processes through mindfulness techniques in arts and wellness and art therapy.  I also teach traditional art classes and children’s art classes.

I am having a summer painting sale.  Either free shipping for those of you out of the Central Florida are and for those of you in the Central Florida area I can give you a discount on a painting of your choice.

Check out the below link.

This sweet little painting is 11 x 14 .  I have been really into this color scheme with the reds, ochres and turquoise.

Check out artwork available.

Since I have written this blog, the above painting is now sold.

thank you







Florida Springs

Swimming in the springs in Florida can be a beautiful or terrifying experience.  People have died who have swam to deep in a cave, drowned for different reasons and there have been alligators who killed swimmers.

The springs, like the oceans have wild animals and it is a risk we take to go into their home.  Millions of people swim every day in springs and oceans and the numbers of deaths from animal attacks is still low compared to accidental drownings.  It is sad, no matter how a person dies in the water.

Today I have heard about the first case (that I am aware of) of a death of a diver caused by an alligator in Blue Springs where I swim frequently.  He swam there for 20 years!  Just horrible. Not sure why all of a sudden an alligator (cold blooded) would leave the necessary warm waters of the river and venture to the cool springs but it happened. So sad. Prayers to the victim’s family.

Anyway, here is a painting I just finished of another beautiful springs in Florida called Alexander Springs.  http://www.lauraknapikbohn.com

Alexander Springs
Alexander Springs

End of Summer Painting Sale


Well, it is that time of the year.  As much as I would love to hold true to what I feel my paintings are worth, I have to have a painting sale.  I have friends tell me some of my paintings are underpriced but then when I price them accordingly, a lot of people can’t afford them.

So having sales is the answer to that issue.  Sales on paintings and negotiation with customers is one way to keep the cash flow going.  Merchants, musicians, and artists all need to have sales.

Furthermore, I am thrilled when people are so grateful for me having a sale!  It is all worth it.

Well, this is the painting I featured here for my sale and this is the first painting sold for the sale.

Here is the painting titled  “Far Away and Dreaming”  in its new home in Texas.  Gratitude for the client’s funding, enjoyment and home for painting.


Here is the link to my Etsy sale.  Please check on past reviews also.



thank you

Laura Bohn


Dance of the Passion Flower

The passion flower is a flower that grows on a vine and in Florida we have a native plant version.

It grows all over our back fence since it was given to us by a friend and I always thought how it looked like a dancer.  So, here is my flower dancer!

I have worked on this painting on and off for over a year. I put it away for awhile because I painted every detail of the flower and it looked stagnant. So then I painted over the petals leaving out details, blurring them and really moving them!

Last month, a woman wrote me an email asking if I sold the painting! Having recently finished, I told her no. She said she had been googling to find a painting of a passionflower that looks like a dancer since that is how she remembered it from her childhood!

It is so wonderful to have sold this painting to somebody who had such heartfelt feelings about the flower and saw it in the same way as I did.  The internet connected us so serendipity can still happen on the web!