Big Sur

A few years I traveled with my husband to Big Sur for the first time.  The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most beautiful traveling highways I have ever been on.  I took a photo while I was there and here is the result being this painting of Big Sur.

I don’t know exactly where the road has been washed out in the huge landslide but now that the part of the highway is buried under tons of rocks the landscape has changed and man has to figure out how to change with it.

Anyway, I have enjoyed having this painting with me and I want to share this painting so it is available on Etsy so check it out.  Payment plans available so send me a message with any inquiry at all.

Enjoy!   Click here on LaurasPaintbrush for more information.


Intuitive Painting and Movement Retreat for Self Discovery

Greetings Friends,
Let me start by telling you that for me drawing and painting has been one of the most rewarding creative practices I have ever experienced. Besides family, nature, and visiting new places, I love spending time creating.
I am so excited to share this new Intuitive Painting Retreat at  The Atlantic Center for the Arts with you.

Atlantic Center for the Arts is a a 69-acre ecological preserve on the edge of pristine Turnbull Bay, the Atlantic Center for the Arts provides a tranquil yet stimulating setting that inspires artists from around the world to rejuvenate, collaborate and create. Envisioned and founded by environmentalist, painter and sculptor Doris Leeper in 1977, the artists-in-residence facility brings talented artists together to work with distinguished masters in the fields of visual, literary, performing and musical arts.

roofs-550.jpg I have taught both traditional painting and intuitive painting and really believe that one can benefit the other.
Whether you are a beginner painter or a seasoned artist
creating a portfolio, intuitive painting is a way to explore the abstract, the imaginative, the experimental, and the deeply satisfying unfolding of the creative practice in action.

Come explore the beautiful campus of the Atlantic Center for the Arts for this wonderful two day weekend retreat.

You will have the option to come to one day or two for a better deal and more thorough investigation into your painting experience.  Also, come stay on campus with me!



The first day we will have yoga available taught by Ella Ran.  We have delicious meals to add on if you wish. We will also have rooms available to spend the night if you want to enjoy painting in the evening in the studio!  For those who stay overnight in our on-campus rooms, you will be able to enjoy the healing musical sounds of the Pan-Drum while in the studio in the evening played by the wonderful musician Danny Sorenson.  Headphones are also welcome!

On our second day we will have an early morning sound-walk available with musician and sound-editor Eve Payor.  Then we can continue with painting and learn how to take the painting to the next level on the second day or continuing with experimentation.
Please join me for an exciting weekend retreat at the main campus of the Atlantic Center for the Arts at the Painting and Sculpture studios August 5, and 6th.

We will be utilizing both the painting and sculpture studios.

For more details scroll down to link after poster.

Inutitive Painting Retreat 2018


For more details on how to register link here

Peace and Coziness

I don’t know about you but I am definitely wanting a little peace and coziness this time of year so I can catch up on some reading.

I cherish a delicious novel and have one I have started but think I will share some books that are non-fiction and related to my work as an art therapist.

There are some fantastic books out there on healing arts, art therapy, authentic art expression, and the list goes on.  Right now I am very interested in authentic movement guiding the art process so one of the books I am reading is Imagination in Action written by art therapist Shaun Mcniff!  He uses mindfulness to slow down and be in the moment while not judging the physical acts of movement and creating.

Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies also uses this moment to moment mind, body, spirit connecting to bring about creative awareness! I am in awe of these methods and have started using them in my workshops.unnamed-3.jpg

If you are an art therapist or work with these methods as an artist leave a comment so we can have a conversation.  The other books on this list are equally enlightening but won’t go on anymore as you can look them up for yourselves if interested and on a journey to trust the process in your spiritual path through the healing arts. More at


The Art of Self Discovery

 Intuitive Painting

How do you express your creativity while expressing your authentic self?

Do you write poems, cook, garden, run marathons?  While doing certain activities that we are in a state of grace or flow doing, we enter a relaxed state where answers to our lives may become available.

If I am paying attention to the moment of applying a turquoise wash and how it flows on the surface, I can later reflect on what it means in my life.

I step back and realize how nature has the ability to sooth me.  I think of swimming in the turquoise springs and how I can balance my life.

This moment to moment awareness and stepping back to reflect is a constant dance in understanding authentic self expression.

What do I do if my paintings are representing ugly emotions?  I also observe those emotions and let them go by. I can take a break and learn why I am experiencing those emotions.

Then continue on and let some of the layers of those angry or fearful emotions show through in my work or continue on and paint over them.

There is no right or wrong way to paint intuitively.

What if you are a trained artist who  is constantly critiquing your own work?

Intuitive painting works for both non-artists and trained artists. Why?

I recently painted a commission of a horse in which frustration was a part of creating a quality based artwork.   I remember thinking I just wantunnamed-3 to play with paint and need a break from this hard work.  So, that is why I would put the horse painting to the side and pick up a blank canvas and play.

Playing with paint was exactly what I needed to bring back my sense of joy and to work through emotions.

Another way this can work is when you have artist’s block and don’t know what to paint.

If you are a painter, there is no excuse not to paint if you do not know what to paint as you can simply play with paint.

I use acrylic paints to play as they dry quickly and I can keep layering them.

If you have tried this type of painting let me know your thoughts.  Intuitive painting or process painting is a method used by art therapists and healing artists. Some abstract painters also have discovered this through experimentation.

I am presently facilitating intuitive painting workshops at the Atlantic Center for Arts Harris House in New Smyrna Beach, Florida every Saturday in February of 2016 as part of their community outreach art and wellness program.

For details & registration call 386-427-6975 x: 23 or Classes will be $15 for materials




Art and a Trip to San Miguel De Allende

At the beginning of the  year my husband asked if I wanted to go to New Orleans for our 20th anniversary in July.  I said New Orleans in July?  Way too hot and it would be  like having no escape from the summer heat here in Florida. Besides, I told him, I am going to San Miguel De Allende for an art workshop in July…..

So, my husband asked if I was going to celebrate our anniversary without him. Ha ha, no we would celebrate as I would return in time. I just needed to do this trip.

IMG_4964 2

Artists have been going to San Miguel De Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico since the 1930’s.  San Miguel De Allende is a colonial city at the heart of Mexico’s independence from Spain.  Miguel Hidalgo, declared Mexico’s independence from Spain in the nearby town of Dolores in 1810. In San Miguel, General Allende helped lead the army to victories.

In 1938, Felipe Cossio del Pomar (Peruvian artist) established San Miguel’s first art school and the rest is history. Today there are many art schools, workshops, classes and galleries!

After years of being a teaching artist, a mom of two children with the youngest in high school, I have been dreaming of doing in artist workshop in a foreign country. I wanted to visit another culture and be inspired by new colors, themes, language, etc.  Furthermore, I have been practicing my Spanish via Duolingo so I could at least attempt conversations and show some respect by trying to learn the language.

Also, I wanted to do this because of spending three years in grad school becoming an art therapist!  I graduated with my masters of art in art therapy in December of 2014 and it was grueling and my passion.  I worked at a mental health center as an intern for the year of 2014 and just needed some real artistic inspiration.


Culturally, there are a lot of Americans and Canadians who visit San Miguel De Allende. I read that twenty percent of residents are expatriates and a lot of them artists.  For me, I wanted to not only practice my Spanish but be respectful of the culture and try to converse with locals in their language.  I tried to be polite, not entitled, and tried to learn about the culture. I had some very interesting conversations with locals and really need to go back since I was barely getting started.


Big Sur Memories and Two Ways of Painting



Ok, I know I have recently written about painting as play, experiment, abstract and following the paint till an idea emerges.

That is the most freeing way of painting.  But, also to stay sharp as an artist I also paint from life and photos.  If I have no muse, no motivation, then I will simply play with paint in layers and see what sort of mark making can lead to abstract work.  Some of my favorite paintings happen this way.

But, I also challenge myself with landscape and figure painting.  As an artist I have to challenge myself to create a good product while loving the process.

As an art therapist MAAT, I work on fun and experimental paintings constantly to free me up and take the edge off.

The work below is one of playing in paint in layers of abstraction.

For this work, I played with oranges, browns, reds and white and just enjoyed big brush strokes. Then a layer of cool colors over most of it and letting a little of the first layer peak through.

I repeated this layer building while adding mark making, with stamping caps, lids and scraping textures.  Just playing.  Finally, I outlined big leaves just for fun. Then continued to paint more layers around the leaves but not in the leaves.  Exposing multiple layers in the final.

Two ways to work here and hope this inspires anyone needing motivation.

More at


Creation & Destruction

Creation & Destruction

Fascinated by studies of different cultures, religions, myths, tales and the ties to art and art therapy. The dance of both creation and destruction are part of the same process. In painting sometimes an old painting is worked over and destroyed only to become a new creation. This is a work in progress that ties me to the constant flow of ideas and my studies. Recently I read about composting old parts of art into new art and that is basically what artists do to continue on with inspiration. This painting is a response to my recent readings and studies.